Talent Development Project

In 1991, Mary devised a Music and Entertainment teaching program upon which the Talent Development Project (TDP) is based. She was appointed the Artistic Director of the TDP and a platform that allowed talented youth from across New South Wales to develop and showcase their skills arose.

Mary retired as Artistic Director and CEO of the TDP in March 2018.

During her career, Mary oversaw the audition process for students seeking a place in the TDP, and those selected to be part of the graduating class at the end of the year.  She attended TDP workshops and guided the individual development of each member of the program. Her unsurpassed expertise meant that she was able to identify and enhance the unique strengths and talents of each student, thereby helping them create an appropriate career path in the entertainment industry. The TDP used her vast network of contacts within the Entertainment industry to constantly review the content of the program and ensure that it remained current and relevant.

It is an unmatched initiative that is free to the students, perpetuating inclusivity regardless of socio-economical, cultural, geographical or other barriers, providing them with an insight to the Music and Entertainment Industry.

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2011 Talent Development Project Graduates

2010 Talent Development Project Graduates

  • Dawn Fraser AO

    "Mary's given more young Australian performers a chance to shine than any other Australian I know"

  • Paula Duncan

    “I consider Mary Lopez one of the true talent discoverers. She has found and established some of the great talents of Australia, including Human Nature"


    "Mary Lopez is a wonderful Australian and a generous giver"
  • John Williamson, Country Singer

    "Mary loves Australia and this love shines through in everything she does"

  • Father Chris Riley

    "In the words of Batchelor Girl – Mary encourages and gives our kids ‘permission to shine’"

  • Contact Details

    Mary Lopez AM

    Entertainment and Talent Director
    TDP Artistic Director and CEO
    Emeritus Director Schools Spectacular

    p: +61 (0)2 9954 5540



    "Mary Lopez is one of the most professional, dynamic, dedicated and enthusiastic people I have ever met"
  • Bound For Broadway Documentary

  • 2011 TDP Graduation Screening on Aurora TV

    2011 Talent Development Project Graduation Spectacular

    Premiere Screening 6pm on September 24th

    Aurora TV, Channel 183 on Foxtel and Austar

    Aurora TV is the proud Broadcast Partner of the TDP